Wedding in Blue Hill Maine

Anne and Hannes' day was picture perfect at Anne's family home on the ocean in Blue Hill, Maine. I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful location with blue ocean all around.  Anne was my kind of bride, not too fearful of moving about in her dress, etc. Maybe a little too adventuresome for my comfort, she walked out on the mud flats at low tide, with her dress and shoes on, for couples shots. It was slippery on the rocks and I really thought she was going to fall in at times! This was all BEFORE the ceremony. Hannes on the other hand was a little less aggressive. Hannes (from Germany) was more conservative in his approach and careful of his leather shoes from Italy :)  After the ceremony, the bridal party cruised in a local fishing boat up to the little village of Blue Hill, to the Arbor-vine Restaurant for reception. It was truly a delightful evening with wines paired with the most amazing food courses. It was "hands down" the BEST meal we have ever had in our career as wedding photographers. The Old Maine Cape with  Latin jazz band playing in the back ground was an atmospheric dream. Love, love, love it.

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