Blizzard Wedding in Portland Maine- Karen and Greg

This was such a wonderful shoot in the blizzard of 2013 in Portland, Maine!  It was unbelievably windy, gusts up to 35-45 miles per hour and very difficult to even get out of the truck. It took my breath away. We spent about 3 minutes outside doing this shoot. It was such a rush for me! I had to focus on everything I knew about composition, light, my equipment, people, etc. and make it all work in the 3 minute time frame we had.  There can be no mistakes in a moment like this. I was concerned about my lens getting snow droplets on it. Once this happens it can be hard for the lens to focus. I had my lens shade on, which helped. I hid my lens under my jacket, until it was the right moment to shoot. My faithful companion, Canon 24-70mm lens paired with my Canon 5D, Mark II performed like the work horses that they are.

The bride, Karen, was the inspiration.  Her tenacity and assuredness that she wanted to make this happen was amazing! I wanted to help make her dreams come true, no mater what! We tried to shoot at Bug Light first, but there was a line up of cars, stuck in the snow, that we couldn’t get past. That did not deter Karen. We were off to Spring Point. That is where we made it happen! The excitement and love of Karen and Greg, the beauty of God’s powerful hand in this storm, and an unyielding passion for creating beauty, all just seemed to meet at the same time. I kept seeing Norman Rockwell paintings every time I looked through the lens.