Wedding in Harpswell Maine

This Harpswell ocean estate was truly gorgeous. It is where Liz came to visit with her family every summer growing up.  It holds a very special place in her heart. Liz and Rishi held their intimate wedding day festivities here beginning late in the afternoon. The official nuptials took place just before sun-set creating a dramatic back-drop for the entire ceremony. Liz wore her Grandmother's wedding dress from the 1940's and looked so beautiful with her tall slender figure.

Their evening dinner party was held on the property in their Aunt and Uncle's private Art Gallery with modern paintings hanging on the walls. The food was catered with an artistic flair, including edible flowers.

One of the very special things I loved watching during the day was the way that Liz's brides-Man was so attentive to Liz's every need, helping her get ready, etc.; what an amazing friend. Also, Liz's parents were wonderful ballroom dancers and it was such a joy watching them, full of expression and life.